Solatube: Celebrating a 30-Year Journey

In the past three decades, the global landscape has witnessed, energy crises, and a growing awareness of the importance of sustainable practices. Amidst these challenges, Solatube International Inc. has emerged as a pioneer, tirelessly advancing its products to contribute to a healthier planet. Brightening over two million spaces worldwide, Solatube’s journey traces back to, where three entrepreneurs revolutionized the building industry.

Origins of Innovation



30 years ago, three entrepreneurs from Australia envisioned capturing sunlight from roofs and channeling it into homes. This radical concept

addressed a significant gap in the building industry, leading to the birth of Solatube International Inc. In 1991, with the launch of the Solatube 250 residential tubular skylight, the company began its journey towards becoming a global phenomenon.

Global Expansion and Growth

Recognizing the potential for growth in North America, co-founder David Rillie established the first U.S. office in 1992. Solatube’s innovations expanded to include add-on features and larger units. This period saw the company’s popularity spread globally, leading to the establishment of the category name Tubular Daylighting Device (TDD). The development of new building safety and energy conservation codes and standards.

Market Leadership and Innovations

By 1999, Solatube had outgrown its initial U.S. office and moved to its current international headquarters in Vista, California. Over the next decade, the company introduced a range of products, patented Raybender® technology, solar-powered attic fans, and commercial daylighting systems.

Global Reach and Recognition

Solatube’s influence extended worldwide, with distributors in Europe, Russia, Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. The company solidified its foundation through continuous innovation and a strong product line, earning recognition as a market innovator in the daylighting industry.

A Vision for the Future

In celebration of three decades of innovation, Solatube now embarks on a new venture, Solatube Home. This expansion, starting in Phoenix, Arizona, offers a complete residential product line, providing energy-efficient solutions.

Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

Solatube’s dedication to innovation and sustainability is validated by receiving the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label from The Solar Impulse Foundation. This recognition applauds the company’s efforts in developing energy-efficient solutions.

Expanding Horizons

The inaugural Solatube Home franchise in Phoenix, set to open in September 2021, marks a new chapter for the company. This family-owned and operated store will offer the complete Solatube residential product line, from tubular skylights to solar attic fans.

As Solatube celebrates 30 years of groundbreaking innovations, it remains at the forefront of the daylighting industry. The company’s commitment to sustainability, positions Solatube International Inc. as a leader in providing energy-efficient solutions that illuminate homes around the world.